We are pleased to acknowledge the kind support in 2014- 2015 from:

Ms. Elina Salgado


Ms. Hala Eriqat

Pal child house- Hebron

Al Shabbat school – Jerusalem

Al Sharif sport

The Mormon

Sbitany Company

Al Takadom company

Ms.Sayrat Khatib

Poor patient society

Nayroukh  company

Palestine Investment Fund

Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals co .ltd

Hebron University

Shaheen bus company – Hebron

MAX foundation

Mr. Ayman Irzeiqat

Taffoh Municipality

Net tours

Kit Kat bakery

Rami Design

Spider company for media and art production

Al Qasrawi company – Hebron

Musicians Without Borders

YWCA Jerusalem

Yabous cultural center

Your donations will support:

  • Regular support meetings for the Sunrise Group
  • Production and printing of educational materials
  • Health promotion (community based)