Raising awareness and providing health education are key elements of our work.

Community Outreach

Our efforts began in 1991 with a lecture about breast health offered to women in the community. Since then our programme has grown to include other topics which we present in schools, clubs, organizations, etc. all over the West Bank and when possible via video conference to Gaza.  In addition to giving lectures we also produce numerous printed materials so our participants can take the information home and share it with others.

Topics covered by the health education program are:

  • Breast health: presented through a slideshow of educational and illustrative images including a definition of different diseases that affect the breast, the importance of and how to do breast self-examination and distribution of educational materials.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases: The lecture includes disease definitions, modes of transmission, prevention and how to deal with patients.
  • Midlife women’s health: This lecture focuses on women’s health age 40 and above, (premenopause and menopause) and the most common diseases that she could face in this period. The objective of this lecture is to show the importance of prevention and early detection examinations.
  • Osteoporosis: This lecture discusses the definition of the disease, risk factors, detection methods and prevention. Also the daily needs for calcium and calcium-rich foods and a healthy lifestyle, as well as some tips for the prevention of fractures.
  • Preventing unintentional injuries: This lecture discusses the causes of unintentional accidents; accident prevention and basic first aid information.
  • Lymphoedema: Women are at risk after breast cancer surgery and radiation including arm swelling. PFS has produced a leaflet and gives advice to women on how to prevent this often distressing condition. For more lymphoedema information go to the FAQ

Professional Training

PFS trains professionals on a number of health awareness topics conducts workshops in the West Bank with video conferencing to Gaza, when possible. The participants are from the governmental, private and non-profit sectors. Previously we served at Consultants to the Ministry of Health and developed National Guidelines for Breast Cancer Screening and trained tens of physicians, nurses and technicians.

Professionals at Palliative care workshop

Frequently offered subjects include:

  1. Breast cancer screening, early detection of cancer, psychosocial aspects of cancer and palliative care.
  2. Home safety (preventing unintentional injuries). These workshops are specially tailored to teachers, health educators and social workers as a ‘training of trainers’ package. We encourage our participants to be ‘agents of change’ in their communities and work closely with them after the courses to monitor their work and to assess the community impact.

If you or anyone you know would like a training workshop please contact us at +972 2 6264674 or via email at info@pfsjerusalem.org (subject: request training workshop).