We provide outreach community based lectures, training of trainers and workshops. We produce and distribute educational materials. To arrange a lecture or workshop please phone 02-6264674.

Topics covered by the health education program are:

  • Breast health: The presentation is done through a slideshow of educational and illustrative images. We give a definition of different diseases that affect the breast, discuss the importance of breast self-examination and illustrate how to do it; We distribute educational materials. [see publications]
  • Sexually transmitted diseases: The lecture includes disease definitions, modes of transmission and prevention and how to deal with patients. [see publications
  • Midlife women’s health: We focus on women’s health from age 40 and above (premenopause and menopause) and the most common diseases that she could face in this period. The objectives of this lecture are to create awareness and to show the  importance of  prevention and early detection examinations. 
  • Osteoporosis : During the lecture we give a definition of the disease, discuss risk  factors, detection methods and prevention of the disease. In addition we explain about the daily needs for calcium and calcium-rich foods and a healthy lifestyle, as well as some tips for the prevention of fractures. 
  • Preventing unintentional injuries: We discuss causes of unintentional accidents in and around the home and how to prevent them as well as some basic information about first aid.